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Water Coolers & Boilers.

Welwyn Garden City

Water Coolers & Boilers Supplier Welwyn Garden City

A hydrated mind is an active mind – Do you drink enough water? Studies show that we should drink around 8 cups of water a day. This keeps the body, and brain, hydrated. Water coolers provide refreshing water at the push of a button. Keep hydrated, stay alert.– Our Water boilers are an excellent value for money option. No health and safety issues, no descaling of kettles or wasted time hanging around waiting for them to boil. There are no ingredients to buy. Once the machine is plumbed in, it’s ready to go. Empower your staff – Water boilers from J & P Services are so versatile, they give your staff the power to drink and eat what they want. It’s not just hot drinks; a water boiler lets your staff eat soups, porridge, noodles and more, whenever they want.

Water Coolers

Water Coolers

Water Cooler Machines

There is more to a water cooler than you may think. Plumbed in are the most popular. When plumbed to the mains water supply the cooler is fitted with a mains water filter from a branded supplier such as Cuno or Brita. We provide bottled water coolers where no mains water is available. We have counter top models, coolers that can provide hot water and even sparkling water. Ideal for gyms is our Sports cooler which has a deep throat to allow for the filling of water bottles.

Hot Water Boilers

Water Boilers

Water Boiler Machines

Water Boilers provide instant hot water for making drinks soups noodles etc. We are often asked if they are hot enough to make tea, yes they are. We have models which can be mounted on the counter top or in a cupboard and fitted with a hot tap. All models are fitted with a water filter as the water in this area is so hard. This ensures reliable great tasting hot water on tap.

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Water Coolers & Boilers

Call us today to arrange a consultation to get the right machine for you. We will come and visit you look at what you do now, evaluate proposed equipment locations, and tailor our service to meet your needs. We are not high pressure sales people, this is part of building a relationship with our clients to make sure you have the correct equipment and the best service.

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